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Fundraising Tip

Wether you are taking part in one of our events or just looking for some inspiration, here is our list of fundraising tips!

1.    Setup your fundraising page

It all starts here! The simplest way to collect in donations is via a JustGiving page, so if you haven’t set one up already then there are instructions on how to do so on our Royal Parks page here (see Step 4):

Setup a JustGiving Page (Step 4)

2.    Personalise your fundraising page


Personalised fundraising pages bring in more donations – to get going, feel free to copy & paste the story of Little Jimmy into your JustGiving page, and edit as required:


Our Story


According to JustGiving, photos also bring in an additional 14% in fundraising, feel free to use any of the images from the website or even better, take some of yourself sporting a GOSH vest!


Provide short updates about your training or preparation on your JustGiving page, including photos if possible – if you make the effort, donors will reciprocate.

3.    Shout about your fundraising page


Once your page is up and running, ask your nearest and dearest to help you get off the starting blocks – it’s very motivating to see the donations (no matter how big or small) start to come in.

Here are some further tips on how to publicise your fundraising efforts:


A.    Share your story on Facebook (or other social media) - with a short description of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and a link to your JustGiving page


B.    Inform your colleagues at work, via email or poster – they won’t mind you asking for money as deep down they know it’s for an extremely good cause. Bringing in some homemade treats (heathy or unhealthy) always goes down very well


C.    Talk about it – when people ask what you are doing on the weekend etc., say that you are in training for the race – many people will offer to donate without being asked


D.    Inform people early on, and then remind them closer to the event – many donations will come in the week leading up to (and after) an event, if they are well informed


E.    Find out if your company will match your donation, this can make a huge difference, but only if you ask…

4.    Further Tips & Materials


Here are some further tips on how to maximise your fundraising:


A.    Further fundraising ideas from GOSH, including fundraising at work & at school, quizzes bake sales and more:


B.    GOSH brochure on how to maximise your fundraising online:


C.    Digital content such as GOSH email signatures, posters and logos:


D.    Help on setting up a “text to donate” JustGiving code:


E.    Print out some “business cards” to hand out with a link or QR Code to your fundraising page. You can create a QR Code image by entering your JustGiving URL below (pointing an iPhone camera at the resulting QR Code image will then open a link to your page – much easier than typing it in!)


F.    Download the JustGiving mobile app, to be notified when someone donates to your page:

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