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The Little Jimmy Brighter Future Fund

We feel immeasurable gratitude to GOSH staff for everything they did for us. I (Emily) am a hospital doctor, and can hand-on-heart say that in 12

years as a clinician, I have never seen such a unanimous, bloody-minded resolve to save a life as with Jimmy. 


The medical staff gave blood, sweat and tears to save our little boy. He received the best possible care in the world, by the most humane doctors and nurses we have ever met, and for that we are forever beholden to them. 


Throughout this difficult time, GOSH staff have also shown our family unbounded kindness, and provided much-needed emotional and practical support that continues to this day (including bereavement counselling). 

To help repay some of our incalculable debt, and nurture something positive from this tragic loss, we decided to set up the Little Jimmy Brighter Future Fund in honour and memory of our son.


The Little Jimmy Brighter Future Fund is not a separate charity, but a pot of money within GOSH's Children’s Charity that specifically focuses on vital life-support equipment. It started with modest ambitions but swiftly spiralled into an incredible legacy for Jimmy.

We have now raised hundreds of thousands of pounds due to the love and generosity of hundreds of friends, family members and strangers. We have quite honestly been blown away by what everyone has achieved. 


If you could join us in fundraising - by either participating in an event or donating - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Huge love and gratitude,

Pete, Emily, Lexy and Izzy Shaw xx

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