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About Us

Special things like this cannot be done by one or two people. It began with just Emily and Pete doing it in their spare time after work. But at the start of 2018, the decision was made to ‘Go Big’ and continue raising money for GOSH in the hope that more little boys and girls would be saved in James’ name.


To that end, some close friends were invited to create an Executive Committee. This team is the backbone of the fundraising, coming up with ideas and organising events. However, it is not just this team of six that contributes to the special juggernaut that is James’ memory; every single person who gets involved, donates and supports us is part of the team, for which we are all incredibly grateful. Thank you!

Emily & Pete, The Boss & Definitely Not The Boss

Emily and Pete met at a fancy dress party when Pete was dressed as Scooby-Doo, and have been together for - in Emily’s words - “too long!”


Emily is a Hospital Doctor who specialises in Infectious and Tropical diseases, and is currently undertaking a PhD at University College London to try and improve the tuberculosis vaccine. Pete works for the Metropolitan Police as a uniform inspector in Hackney, in charge of a response team.


Their priority in life are their girls Alexa (nearly three) and Isabel, James’ twin sister. Both care immensely about giving back to the society they live in and push themselves to do as much as time allows.


To this end, Pete is Chair of Governors for their daughter's nursery school and Emily is an elected Councillor on the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust Members' Council.

Jo, Events & Social Media

A bridesmaid at Emily and Pete's wedding, Jo is Greek but has lived in the UK for nearly all her life (which means she is a combination of fiercely organised and obsessed with souvlaki).


Married to gentle giant John, Jo has a background in law but has found her passion in business and entrepreneurial endeavours. Her experience in business startups, advertising and managing events means that Jo is well placed to run some of the big fundraisers we have planned for this year, as well as lead our social media.

Helen, Events & Chief Delegator

Helen has worked for MTV for over 10 years and has been instrumental in the organising of events like the European Music Awards, so her experience in this area is second to none.


She struggles to take no as an answer and is therefore essential for us when we are negotiating for free stuff to auction or give to volunteers!


She is married to Paul, the mum of Freya and Gabriel, and Lexy’s godmother.

Bex, Media Ambassador

Maid of Honour at Pete and Emily’s wedding, Bex made the most fantastic speech/song that included playing the ukulele!


She is an incredibly talented writer and works as a journalist (she's written for all large known papers in a freelance capacity).


Much of her recent writing has focused on an adventure she undertook cycling single-handedly (actually it was with two hands, but on her own…) from the UK to Iran! She therefore holds the key to the media and press, and has been the reason we have been able to get pieces into the Evening Standard and local newspapers.

Monty, Sports & IT Guru

Godfather to James & Izzy and best man to Pete at the wedding, there was never any doubt that Monty was going to be a part of this committee. He wasn’t allowed to say no!


A keen sportsperson & health enthusiast committed to the cause, he has already run in multiple challenges, which will culminate in the London Marathon later this year. Monty has a special connection with all things electronic and has single-handedly kept Apple from going bankrupt on several occasions.


This website was created by him, and his great tech knowledge ensures that LJBFF keeps running smoothly.


Married to Marieke, he has two gorgeous daughters, Hanna & Emma.

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