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  • What is the Little Jimmy Brighter Future Fund?
    We’re a not-for-profit fund set up by Emily and Pete Shaw, following the untimely death of their baby boy James Shaw in 2016. The Fund’s goal is to raise money to buy fantastic equipment and improve facilities at Great Ormond Street Hospital that will help save other children’s lives. Read about Our Story
  • How much have you raised so far?
    We’ve raised a whopping £321,694 as of the end of March 2019! See our Fund Total
  • How did you manage to raise so much?
    Money like that doesn’t get raised easily. It’s been in huge part to so many amazing individuals - friends, family and even some strangers - who’ve done the most dramatic feats to even the smallest gestures. Every penny truly has counted. See our Past Events
  • Where has that money gone?
    With the first round of fundraising in 2017 we are so proud to say that we managed to buy 5 ventilators for the Great Ormond Street Hospital ambulance service (known as the CATS team). With £103,800 of the total, 2 Sophie Ventilators were bought for £27,000 each and 3 Hamilton Ventilators were bought at £16,600 each. With the second round of fundraising in 2018, including proceeds from the Queen's Tennis Tournament, we purchased an enclosed isolation recovery bay (with ensuite) at Great Ormond Street Hospital for £100,000 and have a plaque installed. We also continued to purchased equipment including an ultrasound/S-nerve for £22,858, a capnography monitor £12,001 and an ultasonic aspirator for £13,437. The rest of the money raised in 2018 is staying in the pot and will go to fund our remaining goals (see below). Read about our Shopping List
  • Does any of the money raised get spent on administration costs?
    Absolutely not. The administrative side of things relies on our team of volunteers, and whatever individual fundraisers raise for the Fund, goes straight into the total you see on our Any absolutely essential expenses we might have for particular events e.g. venue hire, are minimized as much as possible in advance, either through negotiation or are covered by private donations. Nothing that ends up in the Fund’s pot is spent on costs.
  • Does the JustGiving site take a cut of the donations as an admin fee?
    For donations made in the name of Great Ormond Street Hospital a 5% administrative fee is deducted by JustGiving. There is an option to increase the donation amount by 5% to offset the adminstratve fee. For offline fundraising please contact us and we will advise on how to deliver this to Great Ormond Street Hospital.
  • What’s next?
    Well, we were about to shut up shop at the end of 2017 given we’d far exceeded our initial target but we then realised that was a silly idea. So, after chatting lots to Great Ormond Street Hospital and asking them what their needs were for the next couple of years, we decided to launch our ‘Go Big’ 2018 campaign and aim to raise another £200,000, getting us to a total of £310,000! See our Shopping List
  • What will more money buy?
    Our 2018 target is to spend £100,000 on an essential Recovery Room at the brand new Premier Inn Clinical Building at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This is an en-suite enclosed isolation recovery bay, where infant and child patients go immediately after incredibly serious surgery. Once we’ve done that, we’ll be aiming to purchase essential equipment that will find their home in a brand new, state of the art surgical theatre at the same location. See our Shopping List
  • What is the Premier Inn Clinical Building?
    This was part of Phase 2B of the Great Ormond Street Hospital redevelopment journey of the last few years. GOSH officially opened the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre which is home to the brand new Premier Inn Clinical Building in January 2018. Thanks to this Centre staff can now welcome patients and families into a comfortable and spacious hospital that is fit for purpose. The new facilities match the expert medical care for which GOSH is so well known. The Mittal Children’s Medical Centre – comprising the Morgan Stanley Clinical Building and the Premier Inn Clinical Building – has also increased the hospital’s capacity, allowing expert staff to help even more seriously ill children every year. Check out the Premier Inn Clinical Building
  • Why GOSH?
    Great Ormond Street Hospital fought so hard to save Little Jimmy’s life. And only a couple of weeks’ later the GOSH team performed wonders to save James’ sister, Izzy, when an unrelated medical emergency reared its head for her. To just say Emily and Pete were grateful for everything GOSH did, didn’t feel like enough. They wanted to ‘do’ something that would be a legacy for James and his short life and to make sure other children have access to everything they need to survive.
  • Doesn’t the NHS pay for everything that GOSH needs?
    The wonderful NHS can only cover a certain amount of GOSH’s needs. Whilst NHS funding would let the Hospital run in a normal way, GOSH is in fact a global centre of excellence when it comes to infant and child care. To be able to maintain its level of exceptional service, it relies on private donations from the likes of you and me, as well as big corporate donors, so that the newest and best equipment and facilities can be provided.
  • How can I get involved?
    We’re delighted that you’re even considering helping us to reach our target! Check out all the exciting events we’ve got lined up over the next few months on our Future Events page and let us know if you want to sign up to any of them, by emailing us at If you wish to join our team to run the annual Royal Parks Half Marathon, visit our dedicated Royal Parks instructions page. For inspiration, see the full list of GOSH supported events. If you had something else in mind, but can’t find it on our list, get in touch on email via our Contact page and let us know what it is. We’d love to add more! And of course, it doesn’t just have to be sporty stuff. We love bake-offs, school fundraisers, competitions, talent shows and all the rest! Get in touch with your ideas. We’d love to hear them!
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